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Professional Firearm Training & Tactics by Military & Retired Law Enforcement Professionals



As a Veteran owned company, we offer a 20% discount to our Military Veteran's and 1st Responders. Just use code "FRONTLINE" act checkout to receive your discount.

• Ladies Only Courses are ALWAYS an option

Ladies, we want you to know that your own "Ladies Only Course" is always an option for any class we teach. Whether you have a group of women wanting to take a course together or you'd just prefer taking a class without men. Just message us when you sign up and we'll make it happen; it's that easy.


• Handgun Cleaning Course (2 hours) $35

We help walk the student through the disassembly and reassembly of their pistol while teaching proper cleaning methods and tools.

• F.A.S.T. Course (15 hours total)

This is our Youth Firearms And Safety Training program for developing tomorrow’s protectors (our youth ages 13-18).
The 4 Phases of training includes:
Phase 1: The official NRA SIMCO (Pistol Marksmanship Course) (4 hours) $35
Phase 2: Virtual Range time (and games) to reinforce safe gun handling skills (4 hours) $35
Phase 3: Basic Defensive Tactics course (3 hours) $35
Phase 4: And finishing with our live-fire Level 1 Part 2 CCW Defensive Handgun course (4 hours) $75

  • No age requirements for Phases 1-3.
  • Must successfully complete Phase 1 to take Phase 2.
  • Must successfully complete Phases 1-3 to take Phase 4 and students must be ages 13-17.

Bare Bones Concealed Carry Tactics (2 hours) $35

  • This is conducted indoors on our cutting-edge Virtual Range.
  • We are able to practice the technical aspects of using a Concealed Carry Firearm without shooting a single bullet.
    • Our system provides instant feedback how the shooter controlled the pistol while squeezing the trigger.
  • Receive professional instruction on everything from proper fit of gun, types of holsters, holster placement, stance, drawing from concealment, drawing from purse, and of course accuracy.

Handgun 101 (2 ½ hours) $50

  • We call this our “Handgun for Dummy’s Beginners” Course.
  • It’s an abbreviated version of our Level 1 Part 1 and our Bare Bones Concealed Carry Tactics courses combined.
  • If you can’t break free for 4 hours to do the Level 1 Part 1, this 2 ½-hour course is a great introduction to gun handling

Level 1 Part 1 CCW / Defensive Handgun Legal Seminar (4 hours) $75

This is the 1st half of our 8-hour Level 1 Basic CCW / Defensive Handgun Course

  • Detailed legal seminar regarding the Use of Force and the “Castle Doctrine”
  • Safe gun handling and the fundamentals of shooting
  • Unless you are Law Enforcement (active or retired) this is a prerequisite for our Level 1 Part 2
  • Also available online as an Educational Video Seminar

Level 1 Part 2 CCW / Defensive Handgun Shooting Course (4 hours) $75

This is the 2nd half of our 8-hour Level 1 Basic CCW / Defensive Handgun Course

  • Starts by continuing with the basic fundamentals learned in Level 1 Part 1
    • Beginning with Airsoft guns in the warmer weather or Lasers in inclement weather
    • Finishing with conducting these basic fundamentals using live fire drills
  • Certificate issued upon completion of this course
  • Satisfies CCW Firearms Training as prescribed by multiple states
  • Unless you are Law Enforcement (active or retired) this is a prerequisite for our Level 2

Level 2 CCW / Defensive Handgun Course (4 hours) $110

Graduation from our Level 1 Part 2 is a prerequisite unless you are active or retired Law Enforcement. This course continues with reinforcing the safe gun handling skills and the techniques learned in Level 1.

  • Drawing from a holster unconcealed, then concealed
  • Covers techniques required to fix basic malfunctions
  • Finishes with drawing from concealment, moving, shooting, scanning, and re-holstering (just like you do on the street)

Level 3 Advanced Firearm Skills Course (4 hours) $110

Graduation from our Level 2 is a prerequisite. You will be drawing your CCW from concealment, shooting, moving to/from cover, scanning for more threats and safely/reluctantly re-holstering.

  • First of our “Advanced” courses
  • Methodology of properly utilizing cover
  • Identifying and fixing malfunctions on the move
  • Understanding and addressing Cardinal Rule #4
    • Target, backstop and beyond
  • Utilizing Target/Threat identification

Level 4 Advanced Firearm Skills Course (4 hours) $125

This course focuses on cognitive drills to make you think while shooting on the move.

  • Must have graduated our Level 3 with a minimum score of 85%
  • Real-world training in real-world scenarios
  • Engaging 3D targets reactionary targets
  • Identifying shoot and no-shoot situations
  • Shooting from various position on the ground and getting up
  • Drawing and shooting from inside a vehicle

Steel Standards

  • The final exam (hint: from concealed carry, 2 rounds on an 18”x12” steel IPSC target in less than 2.5 seconds)

• Level 5 Basic Room Entry/Clearing (4 hours) $200

We'll cover the basic concepts of how to walk through doors, enter rooms and clear corners to enable you to evacuate from a disaster situation.

  • Basic CQB (Close Quarters Battle)
  • Tactics and techniques for clearing rooms or exiting active shooter situations
  • Utilizing a 360 Degree live-fire shoot house for entries and shoot/no-shoot scenarios

• Couples Only Course (3 hours) $150 per couple

We call this "Marriage Counseling with a gun."

  • Fun but practical concepts
  • Scenario based exercises with some force on force (Airsoft) drills
  • Learn to Shoot, Move and Communicate with your spouse while they're actually shooting real bullets right beside you

• Retired LEOSA & MPOETC re-certification ($35 for retired LE and $75 for HOW Security)

• Graduate Program

Our goal is to equip and empower the law-abiding armed citizen through quality education and training. Our Graduate program allows students who have successfully completed a course to come back and retake it for just a $35 Range Fee to brush up their skills under professional instruction. It's also a way to better your score as you work towards achieving the "Distinguished Graduate Reward."

• Distinguished Graduate Reward

Last but certainly not least, is our DG program.

  • If you score 95% or higher on Level's 1 -4, AND
  • If you successfully complete the Steel Standards at the end

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