Upcoming Courses

Professional Firearm Training & Tactics by Military & Retired Law Enforcement Professionals


• Handgun Cleaning Course (2 hours) $35

We help walk the student through the disassembly and reassembly of their pistol while teaching proper cleaning methods and tools.

• F.A.S.T. Course (15 hours total)

This is our Youth Firearms And Safety Training program for developing tomorrow’s protectors (our youth ages 13-18).
The 4 Phases of training includes:
Phase 1: The official NRA SIMCO (Pistol Marksmanship Course) (4 hours) $35
Phase 2: Virtual Range time (and games) to reinforce safe gun handling skills (4 hours) $35
Phase 3: Basic Defensive Tactics course (3 hours) $35
Phase 4: And finishing with our live-fire Level 1 Part 2 CCW Defensive Handgun course (4 hours) $75

  • No age requirements for Phases 1-3.
  • Must successfully complete Phase 1 to take Phase 2.
  • Must successfully complete Phases 1-3 to take Phase 4 and students must be ages 13-17.

• Bare Bones Concealed Carry Tactics (2 hours) $25

  • This is conducted indoors on our cutting-edge Virtual Range.
  • We are able to practice the technical aspects of using a Concealed Carry Firearm without shooting a single bullet.
    • Our system provides instant feedback how the shooter controlled the pistol while squeezing the trigger.
  • Receive professional instruction on everything from proper fit of gun, types of holsters, holster placement, stance, drawing from concealment, drawing from purse, and of course accuracy.

• Handgun 101 (2 ½ hours) $50

  • We call this our “Handgun for Dummy’s Beginners” Course.
  • It’s an abbreviated version of our Level 1 Part 1 and our Bare Bones Concealed Carry Tactics courses combined.
  • If you can’t break free for 4 hours to do the Level 1 Part 1, this 2 ½-hour course is a great introduction to gun handling

• Level 1 Part 1 CCW / Defensive Handgun Legal Seminar (4 hours) $75

This is the 1st half of our 8-hour Level 1 Basic CCW / Defensive Handgun Course

  • Detailed legal seminar regarding the Use of Force and the “Castle Doctrine”
  • Safe gun handling and the fundamentals of shooting
  • Unless you are Law Enforcement (active or retired) this is a prerequisite for our Level 1 Part 2
  • Also available online as an Educational Video Seminar

• Level 1 Part 2 CCW / Defensive Handgun Shooting Course (4 hours) $75

This is the 2nd half of our 8-hour Level 1 Basic CCW / Defensive Handgun Course

  • Starts by continuing with the basic fundamentals learned in Level 1 Part 1
    • Beginning with Airsoft guns in the warmer weather or Lasers in inclement weather
    • Finishing with conducting these basic fundamentals using live fire drills
  • Certificate issued upon completion of this course
  • Satisfies CCW Firearms Training as prescribed by multiple states
  • Unless you are Law Enforcement (active or retired) this is a prerequisite for our Level 2

• Level 2 CCW / Defensive Handgun Course (4 hours) $110

Continues with reinforcing the safe gun handling skills and the techniques learned in Level 1.

  • Drawing from a holster unconcealed, then concealed
  • Covers techniques required to fix basic malfunctions
  • Finishes with drawing from concealment, moving, shooting, scanning, and re-holstering (just like you do on the street)

• Level 3 Advanced Firearm Skills Course (4 hours) $110

You will be drawing your CCW from concealment, shooting, moving to/from cover, scanning for more threats and safely/reluctantly re-holstering.

  • First of our “Advanced” courses
  • Methodology of properly utilizing cover
  • Identifying and fixing malfunctions on the move
  • Understanding and addressing Cardinal Rule #4
    • Target, backstop and beyond
  • Utilizing Target/Threat identification

• Level 4 Advanced Firearm Skills Course (4 hours) $125

This course focuses on cognitive drills to make you think while shooting on the move.

  • Real-world training in real-world scenarios
  • Engaging 3D targets reactionary targets
  • Identifying shoot and no-shoot situations
  • Shooting from various position on the ground and getting up
  • Drawing and shooting from inside a vehicle

Steel Standards

  • The final exam (hint: from concealed carry, 2 rounds on an 18”x12” steel IPSC target in less than 2.5 seconds)

• Level 5 Basic Room Entry/Clearing (4 hours) $150

We'll cover the basic concepts of how to walk through doors, enter rooms and clear corners to enable you to evacuate from a disaster situation.

  • Basic CQB (Close Quarters Battle)
  • Tactics and techniques for clearing rooms or exiting active shooter situations
  • Utilizing a 360 Degree live-fire shoot house for entries and shoot/no-shoot scenarios

• Couples Only Course (3 hours) $150 per couple

We call this "Marriage Counseling with a gun."

  • Fun but practical concepts
  • Scenario based exercises with some force on force (Airsoft) drills
  • Learn to Shoot, Move and Communicate with your spouse while they're actually shooting real bullets right beside you

• Retired LEOSA & MPOETC re-certification $35

• Graduate Program

Our goal is to equip and empower the law-abiding armed citizen through quality education and training. Our Graduate program allows students who have successfully completed a course to come back and retake it for just a $35 Range Fee to brush up their skills under professional instruction. It's also a way to better your score as you work towards achieving the "Distinguished Graduate Reward."

• Distinguished Graduate Reward

Last but certainly not least, is our DG program.

  • If you score 95% or higher on Level's 1 -4, AND
  • If you successfully complete the Steel Standards at the end

The Sheepdog Project will give you a FREE Lifetime Patriot Membership to Front Sight Firearms Training Institute out in Las Vegas, Nevada. This membership includes over $9000 worth of shooting course at their amazing facility.