Level 1 Legal & Handgun Fundamentals Educational Video

Level 1 Legal & Handgun Fundamentals Educational Video


Level 1 Legal Seminar & CCW – Defensive Handgun Fundamentals  Course. Enabling you to take our course at your leisure and in the comfort of your own home!

Please download and save these files on your system for printing and future reference.

Be Safe, Stay Healthy and Remain Vigilant!

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The Sheepdog Project’s Level 1 CCW – Defensive Handgun Courses are 8 hours long. But maybe you’re pressed for time and find it difficult to break away from “life” for a full 4 hours. We are now offering you the ability to take our Level 1 either at our classroom, or in the comfort of your own home. There is no live-fire practicum in this course (that comes with the Level 2.) The Level 1 is the exclusive Legal and Handgun Fundamentals portion of our training curriculum.

We have introduced an Educational Video that is broke down into 4 segments, each one being about a half hour long. Therefore, that means you get the benefit of taking the course at your leisure. Additionally, you only have to listen to 2 hours of instruction instead of 4!

You still get all same the benefits: the PowerPoint, the legal reference material and the Competency Exam.  In order for it to be counted, you will need to submit your completed Competency Exam prior to signing up for the Level 2 Course.

If you are still interested in attending the “Live” version, please see our Upcoming Courses schedule to sign up for the Level 1 that is convenient for you.


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