Level 2

Professional Firearm Training & Tactics by Military & Retired Law Enforcement Professionals

Level 2 – CCW Defensive Handgun Shooting Course

This is our 4-hour Level 2 Course. In our Level 1 Course,  you learn the Laws regarding Concealed Carry, Dispute Resolution, Use of Force, the Castle Doctrine and the basic Handgun Fundamentals. In our Level 2 Course, you continue to receive professional instruction on the Basic Fundamentals of shooting. Practicing how to get in a defensive stance, grip the gun, get a correct sight picture and sight alignment, squeeze the trigger and follow through. You will do this with hands-on practice utilizing Glock 19 Airsoft Guns. After becoming confident with your new skills, you will then do the same drills with your firearm. There will be a Skills Evaluation at the end of this course.

If you didn’t achieve the Distinguished Graduate Reward the first time you took this course, come back! You can now sign up for Level 2 Graduate to try again. Be sure to select the proper ticket type when checking out. There is no discount eligible for the “Level 2 Graduate” ticket type, as the amount you will pay is just for the Range Fee we have to pay.

If you have successfully completed the Level 1 Online Video Series, we welcome you as well. Please remember to provide the completed Competency exam prior to beginning Level 2. Please report to the TSP shooting range in front of Altra Firearms.

Successful completion of Level 1 (online or in person) is a perquisite for anyone wishing to take this course; active and retired LE excluded.

If you don’t own a pistol yet, no need to run out and buy one for this course. We offer the ALTRA Package, which includes everything you will need. We will properly “fit” you with one of our pistols that you can “try before you buy” for use during our course. Just be sure to add the ALTRA Package to your cart and let us know if your are right handed or left.

Here’s what you’ll need for this course:
  1. Eye Protection (unless you’ve purchase the ALTRA PACKAGE from us)
  2. Hearing Protection (unless you’ve purchase the ALTRA PACKAGE from us)
  3. Hat with a brim (ball cap or Boonie style hat will suffice)
  4. Concealed Carry Pistol (unless you’ve purchase the ALTRA PACKAGE from us)
    1. No Cowboy Single Action Pistols permitted
  5. Minimum of 2 magazines (or speed loaders for revolvers) (unless you’ve purchase the ALTRA PACKAGE from us)
  6. Holster to be worn on a sturdy belt on your strong-side hip (unless you’ve purchase the ALTRA PACKAGE from us)
  7. Minimum of 125 bullets for the caliber gun you are using (unless you’ve purchase the ALTRA PACKAGE from us)
  8. Fluid to stay hydrated
  9. We will be outside for this entire course. Please check the weather and dress appropriately (NO OPEN TOE SHOES / SANDALS PERMITTED)

The combination of our Level 1 and Level 2 courses meet the requirements described in the section 2923.125 (G)(1) and (G)(2)(b) of the Ohio Revised Code. Recent changes made to the Ohio laws enable permitless carry. However, that won’t do anything for you in PA except get you in a jam.

PA § 6106(a)(2) reads, “A person who is otherwise eligible to possess a valid license under this chapter but carries a firearm in any vehicle or any person who carries a firearm concealed on or about his person, except in his place of abode or fixed place of business, without a valid and lawfully issued license and has not committed any other criminal violation commits a misdemeanor of the first degree.”

If found guilty, you could face a max prison term of 5 years and a fine up to $10,000! If convicted, that would also mean that you could not purchase nor carry a firearm on your person in public again!

Be sure to add the P14Ohioans  discount code before checking out. This will reduce your total by $25 to help offset the amount you are required to pay your county Sheriff’s office. You will be required to show a valid photo ID to verify that you are an Ohio resident.

“It’s better to get the quality training you need Now, while the time is Right, before you find yourself in a situation wishing you had our training Right Now!”


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