Stephanie M. 2/1/17

July 31, 2019 Ron Gilkey Our Reviews

“The training is definitely worth every penny. My comfort level with guns before the training was zero. I wasn’t even comfortable carrying concealed. So, my concealed carry gun just sat unloaded, locked up, and useless. I took both training courses on the same day and was a nervous wreck when I first started shooting live rounds. I got used to shooting my gun, and realized that with proper handling, and no finger on the trigger, the gun won’t shoot, which was my biggest fear. Soon I also realized, that my gun wasn’t the right gun for me. After much thinking,I came to the conclusion that a revolver, rather than a semi-auto pistol, was better suited for my needs. Revolvers jam less. There is no slide to rack back before firing, and there’s a long and hard trigger pull. So, If you want to become a safe, educated gun-toter, look no further than The Sheepdog Project.”

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