Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act

(For Retired Law Enforcement Officers and House of Worship Security Team members only)

Retired officers who have identification cards must qualify annually on the type(s) of weapons (semi-automatic and/or revolver) they carry concealed.  Officers wishing to qualify must affirm their eligibility under the provisions and requirements of PA Code 37 §221.31 by completing and signing the Pennsylvania Retired Officer Concealed Carry Acknowledgement Form.

We also offer this course to our House of Worship Security team members as an “Annual Qualification” course for them as well. Successful completion of this course does not provides any credentials or benefits as it does to the Retired LE Officer. However, what it does is provide for the team is a standard set forth by the State for its retired officers and active officers wishing to carry a backup weapon on duty.

Prior to taking this course, it is imperative the student reviews the safe firearms handling procedures and the general principles of justification.

The Pennsylvania State Police have instituted use of the standardized qualification course of fire that has been utilized since 2022.

Price: $35 for a Retired Law Enforcement Officer and $75 for House of Worship Security Team
Duration: Approximately 2 hours

You may obtain forms and additional information by following links listed below.
Federal Law (Title 18 §926B-§926C, LEOSA)
Pennsylvania Law (Act 79 of 2005, RLEIA)
Regulations (37 PA Code, Chapter 221)
Information on this page is from the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission and are subject to Copyrights owned by the Pennsylvania State Police.


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