Handgun 101 Gift Certificate

Handgun 101 Gift Certificate


Are you looking to buy a gift for the “hard to buy for” person in your life? OR maybe you’re looking to get some range time but can’t find any bullets to buy. Our Handgun 101 Course is conducted in our indoor climate controlled classroom; no bullets are required nor are they permitted in the classroom.

Professional courses taught by highly trained professionals at a price so you can’t afford to miss out on.

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The Sheepdog Project is offering you a Basic Handgun for Beginners Course. We know that so many of you are hungry to learn how to protect yourself the right way, but lack time, bullets and money to do so. This is a 2 1/2-hour down-and-dirty, just the bare minimum basics you will need to safely handle and use your handgun. We’ll cover Use of Force Laws and how to Safely Handle and Store your handgun. You’ll learn how to break your gun apart and put it back together for cleaning purposes. Additionally, you’ll also receive professional instructions while virtually shooting your gun utilizing our cutting edge laser target system.

Although bullets have become available once again, the price is still outrageous. Our course will enable you to still get some quality training with your own handgun without having to sell an organ to do so. Our team of professionals will guide and assist you as you learn how to get a good grip, sight picture, sight alignment, trigger squeeze and follow through; without the bang! If you don’t own a pistol yet, our team can properly “fit” you with one that you can try before you buy.

Don’t let the lack of money, bullets or time be the reason you don’t get the quality training you need. If you want to learn, we want to teach you. Get yourself signed up for our crash course in handguns.

“It’s better to get the quality training you need now, while the time is right, before you find yourself in a situation wishing you had OUR training right now.”


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