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These are 1-hour “T-Times” with assistance & instruction from highly trained Professionals for just $40.

Most of you heard of Tee Times and, I’m sure relate them to golf. However, if your familiar with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman‘s stance on golf… “Piss on golf!” ? then you’ll know I’m not talking about golf here. The “T-Time” I’m referring to here is “Trigger Time” and how we want you to come get some! This year at Altra Firearms, we’re offering you the ability to come out and do a “cold bore” CCW handgun shoot. Meaning, you’ll shoot one of our CCW qual courses without any warm-up drills. Then we’ll do some drills to focus on some of your areas of concern. At the end we’ll shoot the qual course again to see how you improved. It’s one thing to just go to the range and do some shooting, but something totally different when it’s purpose-driven. Come train the way you carry on the street and see how you fare.

When you purchase this gift card, you will receive an email with a code on it that you will use when you register for a “T-Time” on the dates they’re scheduled. Be sure to check out our Upcoming Courses page to see the dates they’re offered.


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