Premium Membership

Premium Membership




The Sheepdog Premium Membership provides a 15% discount on our CCW Defensive Handgun courses, Advanced Firearm Training courses AND you get a free TSP T-Shirt!

In case you’re doing the math, that’s a total savings of about $83.25! So what are you waiting for?

Best of all, if you’ve taken a course from us in the past, you already have a free Premium Membership that’s good until 12/31/2019. All you need to do is enter your User Name, which is the first initial of your first name, then a dot, then your last name (i.e. Ron Gilkey = R.Gilkey). Next, you will click “Forgot My Password” and we’ll send you an email. This email contains a link to allow you to set up your password and log into your account.


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