Level 4 – Advanced Firearms Skills Course (8/01/21 pm)

Level 4 Adv Firearm

Event Date:

August 1, 2021

Event Time:

2:00 PM

Event Location:

Altra Firearms - TSP Shooting Range

This is an action packed 4-hr course being offered for $125

During this course, you will put into practice the skills and techniques previously learned but in real-world situations. You are going to challenge yourself with shooting from various platforms and positions. We will utilize the 360-degree shooting pit to it’s fullest capabilities by having you moving and shooting in various directions. The biggest difference with this course is that you will come to the range wearing your normal street gear; you will practice the way you play. There are no restrictions on the type or the placement of the holster you wish to use.

You will be engaging 3D targets on the move while identifying shoot and no-shoot situations. Reactionary targets will present various challenges you will need to properly deal with. This will be a physical and a mental challenge for you in order to gain exposure to real-world scenarios while in a controlled environment. Furthermore, you will be accessing your pistol and putting it into action while seat belted in a vehicle. You will quickly learn why placement of your CCW is critical in those situations.

Malfunctions drills are a thing of the past. You now know how to work through them and get your gun back up and running. But what if your assist hand is injured and unusable? No worries. You will learn how to effectively and efficiently get your gun up and running with just one hand.

At the completion of this course, you will be confident and competent with your gun handling skills and have a much better understanding of how to prepare yourself for a deadly force encounter.

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Event FAQs

Graduate of our Level 3 – Advanced Firearm Skills course within the past year.
Cancellation & Refunds
You may cancel this course for a full refund prior to 3 weeks from the start date or you may reschedule for a future date up to 1 year from the original date of purchase. If you cancel within the same week as the course (within 7 days barring emergencies), you will forfeit your registration fee and be required to pay full price to sign up for the course again.
Required Gear
You will be required to bring the following with you:
1. Eye protection
2. Hearing protection
3. Your pistol
4. A holster that is concealed as you wear it on the street
5. A minimum of TWO magazines (or speedloaders for revolver users) – MORE THE MERRIER
6. A minimum of 250 bullets for your caliber of pistol
7. A garment to conceal you holstered firearm with
8. A hat with a brim (baseball style hat is preferred)
9. Check the weather and dress accordingly; we will be outside the whole time. No open-toe shoes permitted.

Event Location:

Total Seats: 8 (1 Left:)
  • Altra Firearms - TSP Shooting Range
  • 750 South Hazzard Road
  • Jackson Center
  • Pennsylvania

Event Schedule Details

  • August 1, 2021 2:00 PM   -   6:00 PM
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