Distinguished Graduate “Reward”

October 19, 2018 Ron Gilkey News

Would you like a reward for all the time, effort and training you have invested in becoming a proficient shooter? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to go to a $2000 4-day handgun course at such a prestigious place like Front Sight Firearms Training Institute out in Nevada? Well, if you complete our 4 courses at a Distinguished Graduate level (meaning scoring a 95% or better), you will earn a free Lifetime Patriot Membership at Front Sight reward (while supplies last) and get to do just that. Do you have what it takes? In our courses, you will learn the skills necessary to defend yourself and build confidence in your gun handling skills to make you a safe, proficient and effective Sheepdog.

The good news is that it won’t cost you anywhere near $2000 to earn this award. Our philosophy at TSP is that we want to expose you to as much training as we can without you having to rob the bank to get it. What does this mean to you? Lets say you scheduled your class with TSP three months ago when it was a beautiful 85 degree Pennsylvania day. But, the day of your course happened to be one of those 300 other Pennsylvania weather days that was cold, wet and miserable, and therefore you didn’t score as well as you’d hoped to. Instead of having to pay full price to re-take the course to try and improve your score, all you need to do is find a date with open seats, pay the Range Fee and you’re all set to test your skills again.

Are you ready for the challenge? COME TAKE IT! 

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  1. Kelly Barton

    May 02, 2020

    I took an awesome hand gun class today! I would highly recommend this beginners course for everyone! I learned so much about safety, rules, thought process and handling a firearm. I have a different prospective about guns. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. With proper education and respect for the purpose of having a weapon, could very well save a life. So anyone considering owning, buying or handling hand gun! Please spend the time and money by taking THE SHEEPDOG PROJECT CLASSES! The instructors were top notch! Ron’s teaching methods, calm demeanor and knowledge were impressive!


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